Hand Etching Services

The process of scratching an image onto a surface

(in this case, it's polished black granite) to create a work of art that lasts forever.


I've made a career in this area for over a decade, making lasting memories for clients, whether it's a gift for newlyweds, a portrait for your mantle, or on the gravestone of a loved one.



      For personal small etching services and prices:


              For a gallery of gravestone work:

Custom Commissions

I offer several options for you to choose from. As a lover of all styles of art, I've studied several mediums so that you can choose the one that's right for you.

Because every style boasts a different set of requirements including materials, surfaces, detail, etc., and because I only use professional, museum quality products, they all have different price points.

Below is a list of services offered. Click one to view details and pricing.

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