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Draft two of Shoeshine Drop is COMPLETE! This may be your last chance to read it free before it has a price! The reviews so far have been fantastic ...

Shoeshine Drop

Every town has a ghost story, but none as unique as the legend of Shoeshine Drop. Sheriff Marty Reese means to put an end to the madness, starting with the details of the wreck that started the legend forty years before, but what he finds is more terrifying than he ever could have imagined. Will getting down to the truth finally put it to an end, or send him over the edge, making him another victim of Shoeshine Drop?

Here's what readers are saying 

"Totally read it in the parking lot before leaving work!" - Drea

"You've got a winner here!" - Kayla

"It is soooo good!" - Kenzie

"I'm loving it!" - Jess

"So I just finished Shoeshine Drop and I LOVED IT!!!!" - Rose

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Shoeshine cover.jpg
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