I'm constantly writing and while some projects will be available for purchase, such as scripts and novels, others will be available for you to read free on this site. Why? Because I believe in being generous. I write for the love of writing - not to make a buck. 

I hope you'll like what you read and if you do, let me know. Positive feedback always inspires me. - MJ

Every town has a ghost story, but none as unique as the legend of Shoeshine Drop. Sheriff Marty Reese means to put an end to the madness, starting with the details of the wreck that started the legend forty years before, but what he finds is more terrifying than he ever could have imagined. Will getting down to the truth finally put it to an end, or will it send him over the edge, making him another victim of Shoeshine Drop?

Katie Landers and her father, James, have a deep bond that started when she was just a little girl, skipping past a statue that guards the cemetery in her small, poor, southern town. A game plays out as the music in the background of her childhood - a game that belongs to her and her daddy alone. But when tragedy strikes, the game takes a turn and Katie has to decide what's real and what's not. The family and the town watches while Katie figures out if Mr. Long Said Nothing.

Love is strange in life and even stranger in death. When a young, blue collar man with simple tastes and the beautiful, talented, and brilliant daughter of a world famous opera star fall in love, it seems an unlikely connection. But love bridges the gap in supernatural and powerful ways sometimes, even when that gap spans the impossible distance between here and the afterlife.

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