Young Katherine Landers and her father, James, have a special bond that was largely built while resting under the watchful eyes of a statue in in the local cemetery.

When tragedy strikes the Landers household in the form of James’s death and words are spoken that can never be taken back, Katie (Katherine) must find a way to work through the emotions that torment her and she does so by revisiting the place that holds so many dear memories of her father – the cemetery at the statue of Mr. Long.


It is when she greets the statue in her usual way - in the form of a game she and her daddy played - and receives a greeting in return, that she realizes her problems reach deeper than emotion and she must face the possibility that her sanity may be in question.


Katie feels alone. However, her unusual behavior does not go unnoticed and she is forced to come to terms with her personal ghosts and at the same time, avoid the dangers of a town ready to see her committed.

Is he real or has Katherine projected the memory of her father into a cold piece of stone? Has the statue come miraculously to life or has Mr. Long Said Nothing?

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